Fear of the Unknown

Let the fear motivate not paralyze.

I have read a lot about the high and lows of traveling. Flight delays, lost luggage, and countless other things. As travelers I feel like we all go through phases of what makes it worth

it and what challenges our spirit to continue to do what we do. I’m going through a phase and I haven’t even left yet.

I am terrified.

I’ve reached a point in my first trip abroad where I’ve completed all of my paperwork, I’ve checked all the boxes and the only thing left to do is to purchase my flight, pack my bags, and begin this awesome adventure. With every new adventure both abroad and at home the first step at times can make a person doubt themselves and fear failing. Well I’m there.

I’m terrified, I’m scared, and I’m afraid.  I’ve been here before though. The summer before I left for college I had the same type of feelings. I’d never been away from home. I had never lived on my own. I didn’t even know if I could pass a college course. I had nightmares. Going away terrified me so much I couldn’t sleep at night. Stepping outside my comfort zone filled me with paralyzing fear.

The fear I’m feeling now as my departure date for Morocco creeps closer isn’t unfamiliar but is still just as intense. The only thing I can compare it to is how a person would feel if they were about to jump off a cliff into an amazing sky filled with adventures, challenges, and all the beauty that Morocco has to offer.

When I feel overwhelmed and at a loss for words that describe how I’m feeling I search for quotes and famous sayings that I can repeat to myself in my head like a mantra. In my recent search I found a lot of quotes describing fear and being afraid. The one that resonated the most with me is…

If you’re afraid of what’s next that probably means you’re doing something right.

Morocco more than anything in my life up to this point, feels right.

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