The Impossible Question- “How has your trip been so far?”

It seems like every time I message a friend from back home they ask me… “How has your time in Moroccan been so far?” To which I reply… “great!” or “amazing!”

This question is impossible to answer fully. I feel like no matter what my response is, be it long or short it won’t do my experience in Morocco justice. I’m half way through my trip to Morocco and in the days I’ve been here I’ve grow more and more accustomed to the way things are here. Morocco is becoming a home away from home. There are things I miss about being home but there are also things I know I’ll miss about Morocco.

It’s embarrassing but I miss fast food. I miss being able to grab a quick meal and carry on with my day. But at the same time though I know I’m going to miss the community atmosphere and leisurely attitude that Moroccan meals are notorious for. Even if that means every meal takes at least an hour and a half. I’ll miss sitting in the café on campus watching all the other students come in and out ordering breakfast and enough coffee to keep them awake for days on end. I’ll miss the weekend trips to new cities and excitement that comes with each trip. In the US (or at least the Midwest) most people consider traveling a holiday tradition or a once a year special occasion, definitely not a weekend trip just for fun. Honestly, I think that’s what I’m going to miss the most. Some people may try diminish it to the inexpensive public transportation system in Morocco or the size of the country but I would argue it’s a cultural thing. Moroccans love their country and make it a priority to see it for themselves. This really became apparent to me when I talked to multiple Moroccans who have seen more places in the US than I have. Proving to me I need to explore my country the way Moroccans explore theirs. It’s made me reflect on what my priorities are going to be when I return to the US. I’ve seen the tallest mountain in Morocco I want to do the same type of things in the US. Places like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite that the US is known for but I’ve never seen for myself.

My trip to Morocco has been full of ups and downs but I’ve been lucky to have way more ups than downs. Some of my favorite moments are…

  • Trying Mint tea for the first time at the marche in Ifrane
  • Swimming in the waterfall in Akchour and having to hide while we changed out of our bathing suits because we could hear people coming.
  • The night before hiking Toubkal we stayed in a two bedroom apartment like thing and instead of the three of us splitting up and going two in one room and one in the other. The three of us packed into one queen bed. Sleeping horizontally so we could fit.
  • Seeing the lines of head lamps walking up Mount Toubkal at four in the morning.
  • Making it to the top!
  • The feeling of the shower I had at the hostel in Marrakech after hiking Toubkal
  • Celebrating my birthday in Morocco with new friends and trying to find a birthday cake in Ifrane
  • Laying down in the middle of the rode trying to see the stars
  • Mastering my taxi skills in Rabat
  • Watching the sunset on the beach in Rabat
  • Having lively political debates with Moroccans while sharing sushi
  • Walking around Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca trying to take in every detail until finally realizing it’s impossible.
  • Visiting Rick’s Café
  • Eating gourmet burgers at Blend in Casablanca

Don’t get me wrong I have missed home and wanted to be home at times but I choose not to stay in that mindset. I’m lucky to have great friends who are positive and choose to look at great things Morocco has to offer as well.


Photo Location- Oualidia, Morocco

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