Don’t forget to stop and smell the SPICES.

While abroad for an entire semester it’s easy to fall into a rut. By half way you’ve probably been to the top places on your list of things to see while in country and midterms can seem never ending. Many exchange students including myself can get wrapped up in the mundane nature of day-to-day routines and forget to really enjoy the small things that make studying abroad an experience of a lifetime. While I understand how being away from home can be hard it’s also important to still get out and do things that bring you happiness. Sometimes adventure is right in your back yard.

This morning after having msemen and Moroccan tea at my favorite place in the marche we shopped around for a bit and then finally got a taxi to the souk. This souk, only happens on the weekends and is something I’ve heard a lot about but until today I had not been for myself.

It was amazing! I went with my exchange friend Hannah and her Moroccan roommate Sara. We had a blast walking through the rows and rows of trinkets and fresh fruits. It was nice to get a closer look at how locals shop in the small town of Ifrane. You could probably find anything there. All the way from cell phones and shoes to plumbing parts and soap. Little adventures like today is what I’m going to miss most about Morocco.


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