My name is Kayla. I am 22 years old and I 2017-08-10-15-58-51suffer from sever wanderlust.

I grew up in Kansas. My family and I moved a lot. Yes, we were a military family but oddly that was never our motivation for moving.  We always rented. So if the lease was up my parents either renewed or they didn’t. Lets just say they didn’t choose to renew often. This meant every one to two years I got a new room, a new closet to organize, a new house to explore, and to discover all the little quirks that come long with rental places. That’s how I always saw moving. Leaving one place meant a getting new place. I would get brand new room and we all got a new house with a new backyard. Most of the time moving meant we were moving to a better place, not always, but I tried to look at the bright side. Hey, at most we will probably only be here for a year until the lease is up again. I got really good a moving. We could pack up and completely move our entire house in three days. That was my normal and when I think about why I want to travel I think back to how much I moved around as a kid. (I was once called a gypsy and I thought that was the coolest thing, until I got to college and learned that term is derogatory…yikes). So now I just consider my childhood, transient.

Until about the age of 18 I had only been to four states. All of them in the Midwest. We moved, we didn’t travel. My parents were both born in Kansas and they will most likely both stay in either Kansas or Missouri their entire lives. Leaving only when they have to becasue of work. I love them both and there is nothing wrong with individuals who find comfort in staying put but that’s not me.

Which is something I learned when I got to college. I am not my parents. Growing up I was my parents oldest or my brother’s sister. It was hard to tell when my parents identity ended and where mine began. My identity was synonyms with theirs. College showed me new perspectives and realities. My beliefs began to differ from theirs and learned I am different from them in countless way. So no I haven’t already traveled across the world. That’s not who I was growing up becasue that’s who my parents are. But it’s who I am now and where I want to be.



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