Diversity is Beautiful

I made it to Barcelona! My flight was about as good as can be expected for eight hours. Through my window I got to see the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. I can check both off my bucket list. Me being the geography nerd that I am, also loved seeing the coast... Continue Reading →

Let the Adventure Begin

When I walked into the airport this morning I reach into my bag to get out my boarding pass and it took me a minute because my hands were shaking. I was filled with so many emotions. I was sad to say goodbye to my close friends and family which I am so blessed to... Continue Reading →

Fear of the Unknown

Let the fear motivate not paralyze. I have read a lot about the high and lows of traveling. Flight delays, lost luggage, and countless other things. As travelers I feel like we all go through phases of what makes it worth it and what challenges our spirit to continue to do what we do. I'm... Continue Reading →

My Last Monday

04/24/17 As I'm finishing up finals and getting ready to leave Maryville and adventure off into new places I think its important to take a second to stop and look around. I want to take in all of my surroundings and appreciate how beautiful it is. As someone who aspires to travel for a living... Continue Reading →

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